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Chrysoprase is a rare, highly valued, nickel-bearing variety of chalcedony. Colour varies from apple green to deep green, and the highest quality material is translucent. Chrysoprase is commonly known by gemologists as “Australian jade” and is often used in jewellery as a substitute for jade due to its harder wearing characteristics. Chrysoprase is highly valued in east Asia notably China.

In October 2017, Ardea announced a $5 million chrysoprase deal with Australia Jade Mining Limited, a binding Terms Sheet with Sydney-based company Australian Jade Mining Limited (ACN 616 121 361, “AJML”) on the sale and transfer of mining tenements, exploration tenements, and semi-precious gemstone rights in the Yerilla, Jump Up Dam, Aubils and Canegrass areas of Western Australia, northeast and north of Kalgoorlie. Ardea will retain rights to all minerals other than semi-precious gemstones within the tenement group, which includes all laterite-associated materials such as cobalt, nickel, and scandium, as well as non-laterite minerals such as gold. (announcement dated 3 October 2017)