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Japanese consortium backs Ardea nickel DFS 29 Feb 2024
2024 RIU Explorers Conference Q&A - Andrew Penkethman of Ardea Resources [video] 20 Feb 2024
Nickel placed on critical minerals list 16 Feb 2024
ARL is making waves in WA Critical Mineral Investment 4 Jan 2024
Ardea consortium taking shape for WA nickel-cobalt play 21 Dec 2023
Ardea drills nickel sulphide, laterite, lithium trifecta 15 Dec 2023
Interview at South-West Connect with CEO, Andrew Penkethman 18 Oct 2023
Why this ordinary looking rock is critical to our future 10 Oct 2023
Federal government urged to expand critical minerals list as clean energy transition drives global increase in demand 10 Oct 2023
Ardea on the Rise 5 Oct 2023
KNP Goongarrie Hub PFS 2023 Fly Thru Video 4 Oct 2023
Japanese consortium dives deeper into Ardea DFS 30 Sep 2023
Ardea tops up till to tune of $16 million 30 Aug 2023
Ardea begins probe for new nickel sulphide concept 21 Aug 2023
Japan's industrial giants lead charge for Aussie nickel 19 Aug 2023
Ardea set for 40 years plus of nickel, cobalt production 26 Jul 2023
Ardea, Brightstar expand flagship projects with land swap 17 Jul 2023
Ardea Resources shows what can be done if the project is right 8 Jul 2023
Overview of two major announcements 7 Jul 2023
Ardea Resources partners for Oz nickel project 6 Jul 2023
Ardea Kalgoorlie Nickel Project MOU with Sumitomo Metal Mining, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Mitsui & Co. 5 Jul 2023
Ardea tables biblical-scale numbers in nickel PFS 5 Jul 2023
Ardea posts hulking six-million-tonne nickel resource 30 Jun 2023
'Time to deliver' on battery supply chain promises 25 Jun 2023
Ardea lodges patent bid for in-situ mineralised neutraliser 15 Jun 2023
Ardea lured by shallow nickel potential at Kalpini project 2 May 2023
Proactive Investors interview 27 Apr 2023
Australia and Germany to collaborate on critical minerals study 6 Apr 2023
Australia-UK boost cooperation on critical minerals 4 Apr 2023
Ministers agree to support critical minerals 24 Mar 2023
Tantalum tantalising for Ardea in Eastern Goldfields 15 Mar 2023
2023 RIU Explorers Conference Q&A - Andrew Penkethman of Ardea Resources [video] 22 Feb 2023
Ardea Resources (ASX: ARL) managing director Andrew Penkethman at 2023 RIU Explorers Conference [video] 15 Feb 2023
Ardea lands big tax rebate from Kalgoorlie nickel project 6 Feb 2023
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) pockets $1.8 million R&D tax rebate 6 Feb 2023
Ardea confirms significant rare earths at key nickel project 30 Jan 2023
Interview With Ardea Resources Managing Director, Andrew Penkethman & General Manager Exploration Matt McCarthy 23 Dec 2022
Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus 2022 14 Dec 2022
Ardea scores high with ESG rating 24 Nov 2022
Ardea turns its attention to critical mineral exploration 22 Nov 2022
KNP Update 21 Nov 2022
Ardea makes nickel cobalt processing breakthrough 16 Nov 2022
Ardea to drive more value from ore via an 'ESG edge' at Kalgoorlie Nickel Project 16 Nov 2022
Nickel: A concise guide for ASX Investors (includes Ardea coverage) 7 Nov 2022
Ardea dreaming big at Goongarrie nickel play 2 Nov 2022
Ardea sizes up the prize 1 Nov 2022
Andrew Penkethman has been busting myths about nickel... 1 Nov 2022
Support for critical minerals breakthroughs 21 Oct 2022
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) recounts drill outcomes from Emu Lake, WA 14 Oct 2022
Ardea poised to probe two WA nickel sulphide targets 14 Oct 2022
'Mega project' could drive electric future 6 Oct 2022
Ardea plans 55 per cent increase at Goldfields nickel processing hub 9 Sep 2022
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) aims to power the green economy with its sustainable nickel and cobalt 12 Aug 2022
Aussie nickel key to electrify everything 3 Aug 2022
Major project status: Ardea on the Kalgoorlie Nickel Project 22 Jul 2022
Ardea heads to the lab after mammoth 210km drilling effort 14 Jun 2022
Diamond drilling unveils high-grade nickel for Ardea 26 May 2022
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) confirms nickel-cobalt mineralisation at Goongarrie South 16 May 2022
Ardea confirms high-grade nickel-cobalt at Goongarrie 16 May 2022
Award opens doors for Ardea 1 May 2022
Canberra is putting nickel juniors in the fast lane by making battery metals supply a key priority 21 Mar 2022
Ardea wields major project status for nickel cobalt play 18 Mar 2022
Ardea secures major project status 18 Mar 2022
Ardea confirms high-grade WA battery metal hits 14 Mar 2022
Ardea gets water licences for Goongarrie nickel mine 11 Mar 2022
Ardea in search for massive nickel sulphides at Emu Lake 7 Mar 2022
Ardea raises for nickel acceleration 22 Feb 2022
Ardea unveils high-grade nickel-cobalt in WA 11 Feb 2022
Ardea Resources confirms high-grade nickel-cobalt 11 Feb 2022
Ardea targets further nickel exploration at Emu Lake 7 Feb 2022
Ardea's Kalgoorlie Nickel Project tops WA Government Ranked Nickel Resources 4 Feb 2022
Ardea ramps up WA nickel plant by 50 per cent 25 Jan 2022
Ardea unearths new nickel-copper target near Kalgoorlie 14 Jan 2022
Ardea strikes massive nickel sulphides near Kalgoorlie 6 Dec 2021
Nickel Sulphide Discovery Confirmed at Emu Lake 3 Dec 2021
Ardea set for key role in strategic battery project 22 Oct 2021
Ardea sniffs out a sulphide 1 Oct 2021
Ardea tracks down high-grade nickel sulphides in WA 10 Jun 2021
Ardea strikes more high-grade Goongarrie gold 26 May 2021
Ardea strikes nickel-rich sulphide at Emu Lake 28 Apr 2021
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) discovers basal nickel sulphides at Emu Lake 27 Apr 2021
Ardea lights up Black Range nickel-PGE target 19 Apr 2021
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) targets DHEM conductor at Emu Lake 30 Mar 2021
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) confirms DHEM conductor at Emu Lake 2 Mar 2021
Ardea tables “battery metals” nickel resource near Kalgoorlie 15 Feb 2021
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) releases updated MRE for Goongarrie 15 Feb 2021
CEO, Andrew Penkethman, in conversation with GM Exploration, Matt Painter 18 Dec 2020
Ardea back to Goongarrie drilling for gold in WA 15 Dec 2020
Ardea launches WA nickel sulphide hunt 30 Nov 2020
Ardea Confirms Free Milling Gold At Lily Albany Discovery 25 Nov 2020
Ardea delivers outstanding test work from Goongarrie gold 25 Nov 2020
Ardea cashes in on Mulga Plum JV 23 Nov 2020
Ardea continues golden run at Goongarrie 9 Nov 2020
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) makes new gold discovery at WA project 9 Nov 2020
Ardea extends Goongarrie gold discovery 29 Oct 2020
Ardea eyes Emu Lake nickel sulphide targets 30 Sep 2020
Ardea steps up Bardoc Tectonic Zone gold hunt 9 Sep 2020
Ardea scores golden hat-trick north of Kalgoorlie 24 Aug 2020
Ardea Resources (ASX:ARL) receives final results from drilling at Aphrodite North 21 Aug 2020
118 g/t gold rock chip for Ardea at new prospect 20 Aug 2020
Ardea strikes gold in maiden drill program at Aphrodite 13 Aug 2020
Ardea partners with CSIRO as it guns for Goongarrie gold 12 Aug 2020
Ardea Reports First Big Four Gold Deposit Resource 14 May 2020
Ardea produces gold resource at nickel project 14 May 2020
Potential shines at Goongarrie 1 Dec 2019
Ardea will launch IPO spin-out of NSW assets 25 Jun 2019
Ardea launches spin-out of NSW assets 25 Jun 2019
Ardea Resources outlines new value creation strategy focused on Goongarrie Nickel-Cobalt Project [video] 15 May 2019
RIU Sydney Resources Round-Up interview with CEO, Andrew Penkethman [video] 14 May 2019
Ardea Resources: A Deeply Undervalued Nickel-Cobalt Play 17 May 2018
Australian miners back ethical supply of minerals 17 Sep 2017
Ardea advancing fashionable quinella 5 May 2017
This miner is banking on a cobalt boom 6 Apr 2017
Cobalt on a tear: Base metal to overshadow lithium in 2017 4 Apr 2017
Ardea soars on cobalt boom 25 Feb 2017
Ardea Resources shares rise on progress at Kalgoorlie project 24 Feb 2017
Cobalt to the fore as lithium-ion battery demand rises for electric vehicles and renewables storage [audio] 25 Jan 2017
Cobalt to the fore as lithium-ion battery demand rises for electric vehicles and renewables storage 25 Jan 2017
Ardea Resources prepares to list with Australia’s largest cobalt resource 23 Jan 2017
Take5 interview with Ardea Managing Director, Matt Painter 10 Jan 2017
Heron spin off turns focus to ‘ethical’ cobalt 7 Jan 2017

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