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Other Projects in Western Australia

Bedonia West (Ardea 100%)

E63/1827 and E63/1828 covering 358km² complete Ardea’s coverage of the Jimberlana Dyke west of the existing Bedonia prospect. Work conducted by Ardea has confirmed the anomalous Ni-Cu-PGM soil auger geochemistry previously identified by Heron is coincident with a specific intrusive phase of the Jimberlana Dyke lopolith. The new applications consolidate Ardea’s coverage of the favourable Proterozoic Dyke lopolith geological setting.

Perrinvale (Ardea 100%)

E29/1006 covers 175km² along the eastern strike continuation of the “Cathedrals” Proterozoic Dyke complex. The application was predicated on Ardea’s recognition of lopolith mineralisation controls at its Bedonia Project, and aims to secure similarly endowed lopolith geological settings, as well as the northern strike continuation of the domain boundary Ida Fault hosting the Mt Ida gold mining centre to the immediate south.