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Kalgoorlie Nickel Project

Premier location for infrastructure, technical expertise and jurisdiction


There is ~40kg of Nickel powering the typical NCM811 Electrical Vehicle (EV)

There is 5.9Mt contained Nickel in the KNP*

* see resource breakdown on KNP webpage

This is enough for >147,000,000 EVs


100% ARL, globally significant, nationally recognised nickel cobalt resource


Desirable product, proven flowsheet, sustainable supply of Critical Minerals


Rising demand in nickel and critical minerals


Adding value through exploration success with nickel sulphides and critical minerals


Strong environment, social and corporate governance framework in place


A Sustainable and Ethical Source of Nickel and Critical Minerals from the Kalgoorlie Nickel Project, Western Australia

Premier location for mining and production

With over 125 years of continuous mining and strong stakeholder support, the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia is the world’s best jurisdiction for infrastructure, technical expertise and ESG standards

100% Ardea world class, nationally recognised resource

5.9Mt contained nickel, 384kt contained cobalt

High level of drilling/assay confidence in nickel-cobalt resource plus other critical minerals. All KNP Goongarrie Hub resources on Granted Mining Leases with a Native Title agreement in place

Desirable flowsheet with proven technology

Sustainable and ethical MHP or PCAM products to meet Strategic Partner requirements, with industry leading low carbon emission Flow Sheet and 100% offtake available

KNP Definitive Feasibility Study advancing

Metallurgical testwork and other feasibility study work streams gaining momentum as the KNP gained national recognition of Major Project Status from the Australian Federal Government