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Kalgoorlie Nickel Project ARL 100%

  • Globally significant nickel and cobalt Mineral Resource at the Kalgoorlie Nickel Project (KNP) with Mineral Resource 5.9Mt contained nickel and 384kt contained cobalt
  • 3.39kt scandium, from just Goongarrie deposits and pipeline of other Critical Minerals
  • KNP offers stable, secure and ethical supply of highest quality battery-grade nickel and cobalt to feed the Electric Vehicle and Static Storage Battery revolution for decades to come
  • Sustainable and ethical supply of nickel and Critical Minerals for a low carbon future

KNP - Optimum Resource Scale

  • The Kalgoorlie Nickel Project (KNP) scope has been expanded from Goongarrie alone to now include high grade goethite and mineralised neutraliser satellite pits at Highway and Siberia North (Goongarrie Hub)
  • Feasibility Study (FS) work streams accelerated for the DFS
  • The FS is evaluating the potential revenue contributions from mineralised neutraliser, scandium and other Critical Minerals, including Rare Earth Elements (REE) throughout the KNP
  • Direct infrastructure links from the KNP to Kwinana Battery Hub
  • Scale and dependability to track and trace a reliable and consistent source of nickel and cobalt without risk of geo-political, environmental / climate disruption or ESG uncertainty
  • Goongarrie nickel-cobalt-scandium resource update based on high grade mine strategy (>1% nickel)
  • Assumption is a world-leading Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) investor will require a minimum annual output of some 40,000tpa nickel metal in product
  • Goongarrie Hub dominantly premium goethite mineralogy with excellent mineralised zone continuity, low acid consumption and good plant rheology
  • Capability for >100 year potential supply of resource within KNP
  • KNP well suited for latest battery technology, NMC 811 LIB (8 parts Ni, 1 part Mn, 1 part Co)
  • Additionally ore has >0.3% Mn, no PFS input as yet on manganese (Mn) recovery levels
  • Significant alumina credit within Clay Upper Goethite, recent Ardea R&D indicates potential for High Purity Alumina (subject to bench-scale testing)
  • Potential for producing Precursor Ni-Co-Mn for specific LIB OEM. Goongarrie pilot plant work to date and planned, gives great confidence that the end product specifications will cater to our customer needs whether that be:
    • Mixed Hydroxide Product (MHP)
    • Precursor Cathode Active Material (PCAM)
    • Nickel Sulphate and Cobalt Sulphate (produced in Ardea 2018 piloting)
    • Mixed Sulphide Product (MSP) (produced in Ardea 2018 piloting)

KNP - Mineral Resources

On 16 June 2021, Ardea presented a mineral resource for the Highway deposit (part of the Goongarrie Hub), and an updated JORC 2012-compliant Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) completed for the Goongarrie Hub (previously termed Goongarrie Nickel Cobalt Project - GNCP), including a High Grade Resource - 78 million tonnes at 1.0% nickel Sustainable Long-life Battery Metal Resource Confirmed

JORC 2012-compliant Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) update for the Kalgoorlie Nickel Project (KNP)
Goongarrie and Highway deposits MRE based on 0.8% Ni cut-off grade Goongarrie and Highway deposits MRE based on 0.5% Ni cut-off grade KNP MRE based on 0.5% Ni cut-off grade
Measured Indicated & Inferred MRE
  • 78Mt at 1.0% Ni and 0.069% Co
  • Contained metal 784kt Ni and 54kt Co
  • 350Mt at 0.70% Ni and 0.044% Co
  • Contained metal 2.4Mt Ni and 154kt Co
  • 830Mt at 0.71% Ni and 0.046% Co
  • Contained metal 5.9Mt Ni and 384kt Co


  • Resources include 23Mt of saprock at 0.68% Ni, 0.023% Co with 33% carbonate mineral content (as magnesite and dolomite).
  • All tonnages and grades rounded to two digit precision.

For more detail and explanatory discussion, see ASX announcement dated 16 June 2021.

KNP - Processing

  • Goongarrie Hub - Premium goethite ore type (less abrasive, lower maintenance)
  • End product specification will cater to our customer needs
  • Ni:Co:Mn ratio well suited to NCM811 battery technology
  • Member - Future Battery Industry Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC)


  • Flow sheet uses all “off-the-shelf”, well understood & proven HPAL tech
  • No unproven, risky technologies
  • Good ore grade + slurry density = Lower Capex & Opex
  • HPAL Ni & Co Extraction = Efficient, low energy intensity
  • Atmospheric leach = Stable operation, utilise saprolite ores
  • Water Chemistry = Scale control & better uptime
  • Water Options = Using pit drainage + borefield resource
  • MHP = Known technology & good market acceptance
  • PCAM = Down stream value add (under assessment through FBICRC)

Feasibility Study

  • Gap Analysis Study underway – Wood, international engineering consulting group
  • Goongarrie Hub Hydrogeology completed – Rockwater
  • Goongarrie Hub metallurgical drilling completed November 2021 – DDH1