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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Ardea and importantly the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) with whom it deals all operate to ensure Environmental, Social and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) considerations are at the forefront of the way in which the Company does business and assesses societal impact. All project designs and work practices are predicated on ensuring the Company minimises greenhouse gas emission per tonne of nickel equivalent production. In doing so, the Company can ensure responsible sourcing of critical mineral supply, through sustainable and ethical production.

To this end, Ardea enlisted the services of Digbee ESG™ which is considered the mining sector’s foremost independent assessment platform for ESG disclosure, to assess and report on Ardea Resources and the Kalgoorlie Nickel Project (KNP).

On receiving confirmation of Ardea’s overall ESG “BBB” rating from Digbee’s ESG™ independent assessment team, Mr Andrew Penkethman, Managing Director and CEO of Ardea commented:

“Our commitment to a transparent ESG strategy, reporting and continuous improvement program is exemplified by our partnership with Digbee ESG™. Now that the independent team of experts from Digbee ESG™ have identified Ardea’s baseline credentials, we will now incorporate all their recommendations in order to assist in improving our Environmental, Social and Governance programs, which will remain a key focus in the development of our assets, and in upholding the highest levels of business integrity and ethics. The Board and staff of Ardea note our maiden overall ESG award of “BBB” and acknowledge that this range provides some near-term opportunities for improvement which will be realised, as Ardea continues to grow and advance the KNP Goongarrie Hub towards development as a leading source of sustainable and ethical nickel-cobalt battery mineral supply. As the improvements are embedded in our current operations, we look forward to preparing our next submission and demonstrating continuous improvement.”

Commenting on the assessment, Mr Jamie Strauss, the founder and CEO of Digbee commented:

“The leadership team of Ardea has shown, throughout their submission, clear incorporation of ESG principles and sustainability priorities as part of the Company’s vision and value. This early stage embracement of ESG, the commitment to minimise greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of nickel equivalent produced and the transparency to address areas of remediation identified in the Report, demonstrates a positive culture towards delivering a mine of the future.”

ESG Certified by Digbee ESG™ September 2022

For more information and detail on the ESG Rating, see the ASX announcement dated 24 November 2022.

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Ardea have a strong board and management team committed to continual improvement in all aspects of our business. The initial Digbee ESG™ submission paves a path for operational and reporting improvements to be addressed across all pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance.

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